Always painting color (can’t live without it!), I’ve turned to mixed media in order to express the truths with which, God has pierced my heart. Some argue the benefit of words over pictures while others prefer pictures over words. I have too much to say to settle for one. Similarly, mixed media frees me from the confines of just one medium. I use the combination that best suits my expression—luscious brushstrokes, calligraphy, text, drawing, printmaking and beautiful papers.

The Lord Turns My Darkness to Light II Samuel 22:29

Light. Light is in the golden stars, the gold papers and the bright amaryllis bursting forth as from "the tomb". A Hebrew teacher told me that the Hebrew letter, aleph represents light since it is the first letter of the alphabet and light was the first to be created. I designed the elements of my aleph to resemble flames and the golden scroll of the Word of God.